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Akiba Haiozi is a Swahili proverb that means “a person with foresight will always know prosperity.” AkibaH believes in giving people the foresight to see how their everyday decisions affect their greatest asset in the long term—their health. AkibaH is developing a patent-pending technology that takes all the components of a traditional glucose measuring system (i.e., glucometer, lancing device, lancets, test strips) and seamlessly integrates said components into a compact smartphone case that communicates with a companion application and physician dashboard. AkibaH takes the guesswork out of diabetes management by giving users and caretakers the ability to see how their decisions impact their health in real-time.

Haroon Ismail, CEO
Cornell: B.S., Human Biology, Health & Society
Solutions Consultant at Oracle, Senior Product Lead at Rosie App

Fathi Abdelsalam, COO
Cornell: M.P.A., Social Entrepreneurship, Florida State: B.S., Engineering; B.S., Economics
Patent Examiner at U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Murtaza Jafferji, VP Software
Brandeis: B.S., Computer Science and Math
Developer at Microsoft

Paul Chang, Mechanical Designer
Cornell: B.S., Mechanical Engineering; M.S., Systems Engineering


Every step your dog takes generates valuable data for the rapidly growing $60B pet care industry. FitBark’s tiny collar activity monitor crowdsources health and lifestyle information so that dog owners can take better care of their pets, and provides veterinarians, retailers, food and pharma companies with new, dynamic data sets to better target their products and services.


Davide Rossi, Co-founder & CEO
MIT, UCLA, IESE, University of Padova
Former Ferrari engineer, co-founder of a toy car company and investment banker at Deutsche Bank

Sara Rossi, Co-Founder & CMO
ISTUD, University of Padova
Former psychologist and personal care brand manager at Schick and Hawaiian Tropic

Fabrizio Filippini, Co-Founder & CTO
Hult, University of Modena
Former designer of medical machines at Philips and founder of a wearable tech company

Michael Chiang, Co-Founder & Business Development Manager
Baruch College
Former stock-trader and founder of a doggie dating website



One in five people will fall victim to assault in their lifetime. LifeLine Response is a security service built right into your smartphone, and is designed to prevent and disrupt these violent crimes at the moment of impact. If the unthinkable happens, and your thumb slips off the phone, we are there with you, and first responders are already on their way.



Peter Cahill, CEO
19 years of technology & strategy experience

Giacomo Listi, CIO
20 years operating and delivering technology solutions to the Fortune 100

Joe Vezzani, VP, Director of Customer Intelligence
10 years experience in Finance, Advertising, Sales, Marketing, & Manufacturing working with the Fortune 500

Julie Thomas, VP of Business Development
Founder of Cogent Consulting, a company devoted to launching technology that makes living safer

Medicast delivers house call doctors to patients’ homes, offices or hotels 24 hours a day with just a click. Patients can receive urgent care and wellness visits in under two hours and doctors benefit from tools to fully mobilize their practices.



Sam Zebarjadi, Co-Founder & CEO
George Mason University
Sprint, Nokia, Vodafone, JPMorgan Chase. Serial entrepreneur and expert in mobile technologies

Nafis Zebarjadi, Co-Founder & CTO
University of Virginia
Google, Nokia, NIH, CDC

Dr. Sahba Ferdowsi – Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer
Emory University
Magma Cum Laude Founding Physician at HealthTap, Founding Physician at Concierge Medical Services

Ted Coté – VP of Marketing
20 years of experience building brands and developing creative marketing strategies



For the seniors in your family, we provide a voice controlled wearable device that constantly monitors their health and wellbeing. With touch to talk, fall detection and activity alerts on your smartphone, supporting your loved one’s independence has never been easier. Ollo mobile has won over a dozen innovation awards in the past 12 months, received seed investment from Qualcomm, and is sponsored by Rackspace. Ollo was recently voted Australia’s best emerging mobile technology.



Hugh Geiger – CEO
Serial entrepreneur, analyst, data nerd

Ken Macken – CTO
Serial entrepreneur, robotics & automation expert

Seppo Saario – Hardware Lead
Handset designer at Motorola

Matt Laurie – Lead developer
12+ years Java and backend development

Ben Howard – BizDev
Chief of Staff AUS Navy


Prime is a mobile app that instantly aggregates all your health records from all your doctors, right on your phone. Easily access your personal health info anywhere you go, and share (privately inside Prime) important health updates with those who need them.



Tyler Hayes, CEO

Owen Imholte, CTO

Will Imholte, Chief of Product Design
App development

Sickweather is the Doppler radar for sickness. Our patent-pending process distills data from social media to generate ‘weather maps’ of illnesses so people can see what’s going around in real-time and receive notifications when they enter “Sick Zones” - areas where others have recently reported being sick.



Graham Dodge, CEO & Co-founder
Serial Entrepreneur, 16+ years as a web developer

James Sajor, COO & Co-founder
10+ years as a COO

Michael Belt, CTO & Co-founder
15+ years experience in software development is a clinically validated, symptom-tracking platform that seamlessly displays real time, actionable data for patients and doctors, to provide rapid and timely intervention, and dramatically reduce hospitalization and ER costs. Our first product line is eAsthma Tracker, developed by researchers at the University of Utah and Intermountain Healthcare’s Primary Children’s Medical Center. The platform has over $4 million in current and prior research validating a reduction in child asthma hospital readmissions from 40% nationally to only 2.3%.



Derek Bereit – Co-founder, CEO
US Air Force Academy, MBA, and former Wall Street attorney

Dillon Lee – Co-founder, lead developer
University of Utah Scientific Computing & Imaging Institute

Shane Willard – Co-founder
Co-founded Campus Book Rentals


Employee unhealthy habits cost companies $570 billion every year. More than half the tab is productivity, absenteeism, and turnover. Tenacity is a peer coaching health and productivity platform that leverages the power of peer pressure by turning two of the employee’s friends at work into health coaches. The method was developed at MIT and shown in a randomized, control trial to be 4-7 times as effective as actually paying employees to work out.Large employers almost all self-insure. This means they are on the hook for employees’ health payouts, as well as even larger bills from turnover, absenteeism, workman’s comp and lower productivity and retention. Tenacity provides a subscription-based solution for companies on a per user basis.


Ron Davis, CEO
Nationally recognized as a top salesman at Fidelity National Financial

Hanna Adeyema, COO
Sourced and marketed technologies for Fortune 500 companies and NASA

Aleh Veraskouski, our CTO
Software engineer with 8 years of industry experience

Patient care in the hospital setting is complex, with as many as 10 people taking care of a single patient. Yet no effective tools exist for collaboration and communication among team members, leading to the majority of preventable medical errors. Yosko has created a mobile collaborative platform that streamlines handoffs, facilitates group instant communication and allows integrated access to the patient medical record. Yosko has been fully integrated and certified by a top EHR company.



Andriana Nikolova, MD, CEO and Co-Founder
Physician at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston

Javier Otin, CTO and Co-founder
Mobile Banking at Santander Bank in Boston and prior at Raytheon

Leandro Tami, Developer
Security instructor at the FASTA University in Argentina