Meet the Teams

Companies participating in the Sprint Mobile Health Accelerator are developing solutions that encompass hardware, software platforms, transformative services, big data and mobile applications. Take a look at the 2014 class:

AkibaH Disrupting diabetes with a BLE-enabled smartphone case glucometer.
FitBark Activity tracker for dogs to redefine the way pet owners know their pups.
LifeLine Response Personal safety app that uses natural human reaction to alert authorities.
Medicast Doctors on demand. Delivers doctors to home, office, or hotel within 2 hours.
ollo mobile Wearable smartphone for healthier, safer families that monitors well being.
Prime App to instantly and automatically get health records from any doctor.
Sickweather Social health network providing sickness forecasting & mapping. Symptom tracking platform for insurers, doctors, and patients.
Tenacity Builds wellness communities and reduces health care costs for organizations.
Yosko Hospital solution that provides efficient patient care coordination.