Meet Your Mentors

The Sprint Accelerator will introduce you to some of the best, and brightest entrepreneurial, technology and healthcare minds around. Their networks are enormous, and their experience and expertise can help you take your company farther, faster. Here are just a few we’re lining up for you...

Aaron Gray, M.D. Family & Sports Physician at University of Missouri
Aaron McKee Vice President, Partner Development at Zettics
ALEX ALTOMARE Co-Founder of BetaBlox
ALEX HIMEL Engineering Director of Facebook
Amy Smith Director, Product Management at Zoll Medical
ANDREW MAGER Chief Listening Officer at Spotify
BEN LEGG CEO of Adknowledge
BILL CROUNSE MD Senior Director, Worldwide Health of Microsoft
BILL WHITE SVP of Corporate Communications of Sprint
BOB JOHNSON President of Retail, Chief Service Officer of Sprint
BRAD FELD Managing Director, Foundry Group
Brandon Marker Analyst at Techstars
BRUCE IANNI Co-founder and CEO of ShotTracker
Chris Bernard Partner Business Evangelist of Microsoft
Craig Safir Director, Cloud and Wireline Markets at Sprint
DAN FROMM COO/President of Barkley
Dan Goldenbaum Group Technical Director at VML
Dan Stifter Vice President of Mass Channel Commercialization at Hallmark Cards
DANIEL FELD Director of Operations at Techstars
DAVE ALTARESCU US Director of Marketing at Spotify
DAVE DRACH VP of Business Development, Techstars
DAVID BROWN President of Techstars
DAVID COHEN Founder/CEO of Techstars
David Edwards VP and Engineering Fellow at Cerner
David Mandell Co-founder and CEO at PivotDesk
DAVYEON ROSS Tech Entrepreneur
DEEANNE KING VP of Care Operations of Sprint
DENNIS BAJEC Chief Creative Officer of Resource
DIRK LAMMERTS Managing Director of Burrill & Company
Dominique Pahud Director of Innovation and Networks at the Kauffman Foundation
DR. DAVID VORAN Informatics Director at Truman Medical Center
DYLAN BOYD Managing Director - Powered By Techstars
ERIK WULLSCHLEGER Manager, Sprint Accelerator of Sprint
Evan Conway Chief Monetization and Strategy Officer at Pinsight Media+
GREG HUEY Business Development - Accelerators & Incubators at Amazon (AWS) of Amazon
Greg Kratofil Jr. Technology Attorney at Polsinelli
Greg Mears Medical Director of Zoll
IAN KLASSEN VP of Mobile Product, Audux Health
IYAD TARAZI VP of Development & Engineering of Sprint
Jackie McCarthy Director of Wireless Internet Development at CTIA
James Clardy Technology Strategist
JAMIE JONES SVP of Consumer Sales of Sprint
Jamie Tremaine Co-founder and CEO of GestSure
JANE MCGONIGAL Chief Creative Officer of SuperBetter Labs. Author, Game Designer
Jason Baker Managing Director of Alpine Healthcare Advisors
JASON BAPTISTE CEO & Co-Founder of Onswipe
JASON SEATS Managing Director of Techstars Austin
JASON TATGE Agriculture Technology Entrepreneur
Jay Portnoy Chief of Allergy/Asthma/Immunology
Jeff Hallock Chief Marketing Officer of Sprint
JEFF MARTENS CEO & Co-Founder of CPUsage
Jeff Stafford CFO of Kansas Community Plan at UnitedHealthCare
Jody Ranck Co-Director of Digital Health Catalyst Working Group at TM Forum
JOE MEDVED Partner at Softbank Capital
JOHN FEIN Managing Director, Sprint Mobile Health Accelerator powered by Techstars
John Schnipkoweit Co-Founder and CEO,
John Styers EVP of SUMOTEXT
John Thomson Founder of 8080 Ventures, Former Saepio CEO
JONI COBB Founding President & CEO of Pipeline
JOSH MORTON VP of IT Application Development & Operations at Sprint
JOSHUA KRAMMES VP, Community Development of Softlayer
Julee Thompson Chief Healthcare Executive at Sprint
Julie Dusold Culbertson Senior Program Analyst and Team Leader at HHS/OIG/OEI
KARAN SINGH Co-Founder of Ginger.IO
Kate Sommers Director of Operations, Citizen
Keith Berets Partner at Cooley
Keith Harrington Managing Director at KBA
Kent Westerveit Sr. Director of Business Development at Valence Health
KEVIN MCGINNIS VP - Development & Operations of Sprint
KYLE KINKADE Founder of Monster Costume, Monocle Society
LANCE LEMAY Managing Director of OpenAir Equity Partners
Mahek Shah Co-founder and CEO Symplexi and Harvard Innovation Lab
MARCUS ESTES CEO & Founder of Chroma
MARIA MEYERS Network Builder, KCSourceLink of University of Missouri - Kansas City
Mark Clements M.D./Ph.D. M.D./Ph.D. Pediatric Endocrinologist of Children's Mercy Hospitals
Mark Hoffman Director Center for Health Insights, Associate Professor at UMKC
MARK LEAVITT Quantified Self, Entrepreneur
MARK LOGAN SVP, Digital Innovation of Barkley
MARK SOLON General Partner of Techstars
Matt Kerr VP of Account Management at C2FO
Matt Otterstatter General Partner at Vilicus Ventures
MATT SWITZER VP of Partnerships and Corporate Development at HootSuite
Michael Abbattista Digital Media Executive at Spotify
Michael Johnstone Technology Consultant at Mark Cuban Companies
MICHAEL ORSTEIN Mobile Experience Manager: Nike+ FuelBand
MICHAEL SCHWARTZ SVP of Corporate Development at Sprint
MICHAEL WETTA Principal of Dundee Venture Capital
MIKE COOLEY VP of Value Added Services of Sprint
Natasha Burgert Pediatrician and Health Blogger
NICOLE GLAROS Managing Director of Techstars
PATRICK MORK Former Global Marketing Director of Google Play (Android)/Google at Stealth Startup
Paul Sonnier Head of Digital Health Strategy at Popper and Company
PHIL TORONTO Manager of Emerging Technology at VaynerMedia
ROB BENSMAN VP - Strategic Alliances of Hallmark
Russ McGuire VP of Corporate Strategy, Sprint
RUSSELL BENAROYA Co-Founder & CEO of EveryMove
Sandeep Shah Founder, Chairman of Mobiuso/Founder, former CEO of Skyscape
Scott Boehmer Vice President of Sales, Americas at Skyfire
Scott Townsend Director of Marketing at Urban Airship
SCOTT ZALAZNIK SVP of Digital of Sprint
Sharon Fan COO of GestSure
SHERYL MALONEY Director of Strategic Partnerships at Citizen
SRAVISH SRIDHAR CEO & Co-Founder of Kinvey
STEPHEN BYE SVP of CTO & Corporate Strategy of Sprint
STEVE ELFMAN President of Network, Technology & Operations of Sprint
Sutha Kamal SVP Product Marketing and Strategy at Nanigans
THAD LANGFORD Managing Director at Flyover Capital
Tim Galles Chief Strategy Officer at Barkley
Tim Spilker Vice President, Member Engagement at UnitedHealthCare
TINA PETERSON Manager, Sprint Entrepreneurship and Developer Programs
TJ PARKER CEO & Founder of PillPack
TOBY RUSH CEO & President of EyeVerify
Todd Fane Vice President of WebTPA
Tom Brantman Create Catalyst at Hallmark Cards
TOM ROBERTS SVP of Base Marketing at Sprint
TROY HENIKOFF Managing Director Techstars - Chicago
VIDYA SPANDANA Founder of Neppalli Strategy
VONYA MCCANN SVP of Government Affairs at Sprint
Walt Maclay Founder and President of Voler Systems
WAYNE CARTER President and Chief Executive Officer of KC Area Life Sciences Institute
WILL SOUDER SVP of Finance Operations at Sprint