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The Sprint Accelerator has been a labor of love and we were excited to reveal it to the community of Kansas City this past week.  While hundreds passed through our doors last Wednesday evening, there was one missing piece…

The private conference rooms in the Sprint Accelerator are dedicated to amazing innovations from the region.  While the sign on the outside of the door will pay tribute to the innovation, inside you’ll find a detailed back-story featuring a crowd sourced piece of art…..and that’s where we could use your help!

We’re looking for some iconic shots that will help us tell the stories behind the KC Convention Hall disaster/rebuild, the first loaf of sliced bread, Mickey Mouse, the style and fashion behind the Nelly Don, the first multiplex theater in the world and more!!  Creativity counts as we’ll be selecting the best submissions for the final installment!!

To be a part of the Sprint Accelerator’s decor, download the attached instruction sheet and get to instagramming!!  We’ll be collecting shots through the 7th of February so don’t miss out on the fun.  Use the hashtag #SprintAccelPics and check out the details below for more info!: